Best Bench Grinder Buying Guide & Reviews

Bench grinders are a very useful tool, if you don't already own one but are looking to get one then you've arrived in the right place. In this article we're going to take a look at some of the top bench grinder models, along with some of there pros and cons. You might think it's easy to find a good bench grinder, and while that's partially true it's not the full story. To find the best bench grinder for you, you must consider things like what material you will be grinding, and how big does the size need to be. Without wasting any further time let's dive in and look at the best bench grinders on the market.

The Metabo DS 200 is a premium bench grinder, so it's great in terms of performance but is a little bit too expensive for some. It's quite heavy duty, and has the ability to do most jobs you could think of tackling with a bench grinder. As far as its size goes, it has wheels that measure at 8 inches - so it's at the larger end of the spectrum. It also weighs a hefty 35 lbs. Despite this bench grinders relatively heavy weight it is still overall a fairly compact machine. The extra weight of this bench grinder also means that it sits firmly and is less prone to excess vibrations. The motor of the Metabo DS 200 is a powerful 600W, able to get the wheels going to 3500 RPM+. Over all this is a great bench grinder, mostly suited for professionals. Beginners will likely prefer something smaller and cheaper.

DEWALT make great power tools, and the DW758 is no different. It is perhaps the best bench grinder for those who  want a powerful high end machine. It has an overload protection to enhance the life of the motor, which is an impressive 3/4 horse power. Much of this machine, including the base and motor housing are made out of cast iron which is a heavy duty and durable material. Cast iron is also a heavy material so this bench grinder weighs quite a bit, but for most use cases that is not an issue. The DW758 has a precision tool rest for precise alignment and positioning of the work piece. Overall this a nice bench grinder that comes at a very reasonable price considering it is such a heavy duty machine.